Wangda Red Clay Bricks Making Production Line Came into Use in India

Wangda have built a high yield tunnel kiln in India, and our whole red clay bricks making production line machines have been came into smoothly use!

Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. As a member of China Bricks&Tiles Industrial Association, Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years experience in the field of brick machine production.

Wangda red clay bricks making production line is suitable for the production of red clay bricks, including solid bricks and hollow bricks.
This kind of bricks is widely used in industrial construction and small business home use. The finished products are solid bricks and hollow bricks with holes, the solid bricks usually used for load bearing wall, and the hollow bricks are light weight. You can choose as your actual requirement. When changing molds, various bricks are available, such as interlocking bricks, road bricks, slope bricks, paving bricks and so on.

Wangda red clay bricks making production line adopts hard gear reducer. Use powerful or oil lubricant, with long life span, and it can guarantee the extruding pressure. Clutch is operated by electro or pneumatic, easy to realize automatic control. It can largely reduce the consumption of power for vibration in working process.

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