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Tunnel kiln is only gear that is utilized as a warmth cover during the creation of blocks in the majority of the block making industry. Tunnel Kiln is a persistent moving product furnace in which the dirt items to be terminated are gone on vehicles through a long flat burrow. The terminating of items happens at the focal piece of the passage.

With the development of economy, wheel kiln production of sintered bricks due to the backwardness of the technology, and poor production environment, gradually the government to ban government continue to appeal to the protection of the environment, development of production, improve production technology, tunnel kiln will emerge as the times require. But the needs of the production process in tunnel kiln brick kiln construction section according to the yield of different size. The section of the kiln is the width of the whole kiln, and the section of the kiln is generally divided into large sections, medium and small section, small section. The quality and yield of the sintered brick are also related to the temperature of the production, the type of the kiln, and the size of the section. The Gongyi Wanda Machinery Factory experts explain some problems often occur in sintered brick production for everyone.

First, avoid entering the car is not uniform. Tunnel kiln to do time into the car, don’t sometimes into cars, sometimes in the car less, resulting in baking curve is changeable, can not reflect the advanced aspects of tunnel kiln “fixed roasting, steady heat transfer”.

Second, avoid using gates. Once the formulation of the tunnel kiln is determined, it must be followed, and can not be rotated by other references. Some factory an operator of a formulation, frequent brake, the flame at.

Third, avoid wet billet into the kiln. The moisture content high wet blank into the kiln body, will increase the burden on the exhaust equipment when the moisture in flue gas reaches the dew point and blank resurgence of softening, lead to wet collapse; Zaiyu high-temperature evaporation green experience appears to burst.

Fourth, avoid sand sealing sand. After the tunnel kiln, has not been applied to the production is because it has not been able to solve the kiln car up and down the space of the sealing problem, know the sand seal before solving the problem. Therefore, the tunnel kiln section must not be less sand and sand. Sand sealing groove missing sand will cause leakage of kiln car, some parts of the air conditioning on, make the temperature difference in the kiln to expand, at the bottom of the product under fire; some parts of the steam channeling, the metal component of the kiln car burned deformation, scorched the kiln car bearing lubricating oil.

Fifth, avoid kiln tail dig car. Some brick in order to increase the output, by means of “destructive enthusiasm”, the relationship in the time interval, firing zone transfer to a cooling belt, at the same time in the kiln tail pulled out 3 to 6 cars kiln car, do so will the firing curve becomes bucket, the ups, and downs of the fire temperature, heating up fast, surface of the blank body sharp glass, resulting in inside the green body gas cannot escape, brick bread; cooling, kiln products not fully cooling, cold air quenching, leading to the crack of the surface of the brick body, also lose a lot of heat.

Sixth, avoid fire exposure. Some factory often burning with end of the burner cover is opened, to the inside of the kiln filling into the cold air has reached to stop the advance of the flame; burning with terminal some pinkeye opened and drained some heat, to prevent product over burned to, the former increases the burden of exhaust fan, which consume more heat. Who can balance the production, strict management of the factory, try not to take this energy way?

Seventh, avoid kiln door is not strict. Warping of the kiln door, surrounded by air leakage, an increase of exhaust fan additional burden, contain the flame forward; some in into the car slowed down, the kiln door open time is too long; notes, when the exhaust fan basically discharged in the cold air, the flame is at a standstill, thus weakening the kiln production capacity. The basic measure to reduce the leakage of the kiln door is to build a car room, which is a double door at the end of the car.

Eighth, coal violation. Foreign investment coal, the need to do ground cast less investment, to see the fire and coal, in order to completely burn coal.

Ninth, avoid hot water. Some factory using tunnel kiln code once firing process, because cold billet body code in the dry kiln car, bottom slab of the bottom surface is baked dramatic shrinkage, resulting in cracking. In order to solve this problem, it will pour water on the kiln car, which will cause the kiln car to have a great life span.

Finally, avoid pit blockage. Inspection pit: store leakage to the car under the cinder, brick, etc.; easy to check and deal with the accident; balance on the kiln car under pressure; according to the ventilation quantity is suitable location set to block baffle door, but cannot be completely blocked, otherwise unable to and clean up the accident.

Above is the machinery plant in Gongyi City, Wanda after years of experience accumulation to introduce the vacuum brick machine brick, a tunnel kiln production of common problems and taboo.

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