Wangda Clay Brick Making Machine Hot Sale in Bangladesh

Wangda JKY series clay brick making machine is the vacuum and hard plastic materials extruding & molding equipment. It is designed and manufactured by our factory according to the domestic and international advanced experience and based on the practical condition of the raw materials, it’s allowable pressure can reach 4.0Mpa, in domestic the moisture content of the green bricks production by our brick making machine is already 16%-18%, then through the drying line of the kiln, the moisture will lowest. After firing, the quality of the final bricks is very well. No matter how is the weather like in your place, it will be no problems.

The base of the clay brick machine is made of the high-quality international beam, which is thicker, bigger, longer and more stable than common steel material. With steel airbags, stability, improving automation; big base pressure, high productivity, good molding, Wangda JKY series clay brick making machine has good adaptability of raw materials such as coal gangue, shale, low plastic mud material, fly ash, construction muck, metallurgy, and chemical industry waste and other solid waste.

Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. As a member of China Bricks& Tiles Industrial Association, Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years of experience in the field of brick machine production. So far, our products have had more than 20 assortments, with more than 60 kinds of specifications. We are one of the few brick machines manufacturing companies which appoint by the Chinese Brick and Tile Association. The main products are double-stage vacuum extruders, full-automatic brick setting machines, hydraulic ferry traction pushers, hydraulic stepper, full-automatic slitting cutters, crushers, mixers and more series of brick making production line. Our products have a good market both at home and abroad because of excellent quality and competitive price, and they are exported to India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iraq, Mongolia, and other countries and regions successfully. Our products are highly trusted and applauded by customers. Welcome to inquiry!