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With the rapid development of the city, across the country are in the continuous construction of new buildings, the construction at the same time also produced a lot of construction waste, construction waste will not only occupy a larger venue, also easy to produce a lot of dust, which imposes a great influence to the urban environment. In recent years, our country, for environmental protection efforts in increasing, many businesses looking at a pile of construction waste but don’t know how to treasure and had to bear the garbage coarse expenses and hefty fines.

Gongyi Wangda is renowned today for the construction of brick making machines. Construction waste containing more impurities, these impurities to brick is good is bad and there is no uniform result, so can only be processed brick, stable performance, and emergency performance better equipment.

Gongyi Wangda production of vacuum brick can satisfy such a condition, through the motor drive and a high vacuum in the vacuum chamber of, the maximum of raw materials for vacuum pumping, make green body satisfies the filing requirements.

Henan, as the birthplace of the brick machine, there are numerous large and small brick factory, the customer in questioning always goods than three, there are always many small factories to low-cost access to the customer’s favor, but customers need to understand and profit sources where at a lower price won the quality and the performance of their facilities whether it can meet your needs, and in the use of brick, will bring a lot of trouble to you, these are the customers need to be considered in the purchase of equipment, do not hold fluky heart, cheap but the quality is guaranteed. A part of the price of goods, from the root to explain to you to buy the equipment when the need for how to choose.

Wangda machinery, specializing in the production of vacuum brick, clay brick, sintered brick, and sintered brick production equipment, material handling equipment, our factory adhere to the credibility of development, to the quality of survival, adhere to the road of sustainable development. Dedicated to providing you with quality products and services.

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