China Brick Machine Exports to India

China Brick Machine Export to India

Wangda Machinery is a professional brick machine(sintered brick vacuum extruder) manufacturer in China. Founded in 1972, Wangda Machinery has rich experience in the manufacturing of brick equipment and brick making solutions. Over the years, Wangda has exported its brick machines to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, etc. Especially for Indian markets, you can easily find our brick machines in the Indian market. Our success comes from our clients’ success. We owe the success to our clients in India, they made the right decision that cooperate with Wangda Machinery.
We successfully provide many brick making solutions for clients from india and make brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. The brick production lines can be designed with an annual output of 30-60 million bricks. Today ”Wangda” brand brick making equipment has more than 20 varieties, with more than 60 kinds of specifications, among which our brick making machine has 4 specifications, JZK70/60-4.0, JZK55/55-4.0, JZK50/50-3.5, and JZK50/45-3.5.

Why Wangda Brick Machine?

  1. The auger is made of high chromium and tempered by quenching with the service life is capable of 800-1000 million standard bricks production, which is 8-10 times longer than sprayed surfacing auger;
  2. The whole cast and quenching of extrusion cylinder head and vacuum chamber, excellent toughness, not easily deformed, long service life;
  3. Vacuum chamber is designed to funnel-shape, which is able to empty the air more quickly than the square chamber;
  4. The whole rack weld and plane processing in planer to make the product better concentricity;
  5. The spindle is processed by quenching, tempering and pressure testing to enhance stiffness and toughness;
  6. Bearings are made by Luoyang Bearing Group;
  7. Tunnel kiln: 450kw; Annular kiln: 500kw. Area: 25 mu. OEMs ground: 50m/*150m.