A Daily Output of 0.1-0.2 Million Clay Brick Production Line

A Daily Output of 0.1-0.2 Million Clay Brick Production Line

Description of Clay Brick Production Line

The core part of the clay brick production line is the vacuum brick making machine which can make two kinds of bricks, solid clay brick, and perforated brick by using the different mold. Without drying, the clay bricks are grab by the robot hand automatically onto the tunnel kiln car, and enter into the tunnel kiln for firing and then shipped by professional kiln car out of the kiln, for stacking for sell.

Clay Brick Production LineClay Brick Production Line

Clay brick production flow: feed raw material–conveyor–roller machine–conveyor–biaxial mixer–conveyor–vacum brick extruder get mud strips–automatic cutting machine cut strips into bricks–conveyor–onto the kiln car–kiln. The whole clay brick production line is fully automatic(auto mechanical clutch, brick cutting machine, kiln cars, tractors.) By replacing the mold(also called mud mouth) to get Porous bricks.

This Daily Output of 0.1-0.2 Million Clay Brick Production Line needs 2 models brick making machines, JZK50/45 and JZK50/50. It is a double stage vacuum brick extruding machine with wear-resistant metalization technology, which is an efficient brick making a machine for clay brick manufacturing unit.


Products Specification QTY Note
Feeder 4000 2 With Motor
2 set 6-pole 7.5KW
Roller Crusher 800*1000 1 With Motor
1 set 4-pole 30KW
1 set 4-pole 22KW
Double Shaft Mixer 4000 1 With Motor
1 set 4-pole 55KW
Brick Making Machine 50/45 1 With Motor
1 set 6-pole 132KW
Vacuum Pump: 1 set 4-pole 15KW
50/50 1 With Motor
Upper: 1 set 4-pole 55KW
Lower: 1 set 6-pole 160KW
Vacuum Pump: 1 set 4-pole 15KW
Brick Setting Machine 1 Include strip cutter, brick slitter, transition bed,
brick separator, lifter, fixtures, pumping stations
and operating cabinet.
Brick Setting Machine Walking Frame, Column 1
One-Way Ferry Car 1 With Motor
Ferry Pusher 80T 2 With Motor
Rail Car 6 With Motor, Steel Wire Rope
Belt Conveyor 5 With Motor, Conveyor
Coal Pulverizer+Belt 1 With Motor