60-80 Million Shale Brick Production Line

The Shale Brick Production Line is designed for an Annual output of 60-80 Million Shale Bricks.
60-80 Million Shale Brick Production Line

Product Specification QTY Note
Jaw Crusher 500×700 1 With Motor
6-pole 30KW
Hammer Crusher 800×1000 2 With Motor
2 sets 4-pole 75KW
Roller Screen 2×4m 1 With Motor
Feeder 4m 2 With Motor
2 sets 4-pole 75KW
Feeder 6m 1 With Motor
6-pole 11KW
Roller Crusher 800×1000 1 With Motor
1 set 4-pole 30KW and 1 set 4-pole 22KW
Powerful Mixer 4m 1 With Motor
4-pole 55KW
Double Shaft Mixer 4m 1 With Motor
4-pole 45KW
Brick Machine 60/60 1 With Motor
Upper: 6-pole 9KW
Lower: 6-pole 250KW
Vacuum Pump: 6-pole 18.5KW
Brick Setting Machine 1 With Motor
Include strip cutter, brick slitter, transition bed,
brick separator, lifter, fixtures,
pumping stations and operating cabinet.
Perforated Brick Mold 1
Mobile Distributor 35m With Motor and Belt Conveyor
Multi Bucket Excavator 1 With Motor
OneWay Ferry Pusher 1 With Motor and Electrical Appliances
Ferry Pusher 80t 2 With Motor and Electrical Appliances
Rail Car 6 With Motor
Belt Conveyor 120m 12