30 Million Clay Brick Machine Production Line

The Clay Brick Machine Production Line is designed for an annual output of 30 million standard clay bricks.

Product Specification QTY Motor
Hammer Crusher 800×1000 1 2 four-pole 75KW
Roller Screen 2m×4m 1
Feeder 4m 2 2 four-pole 75KW
Roller Crusher 800×600 1 1 four-pole 30Kw and 1 four-pole 22KW
Double Shaft Mixer 4m 1 Four-pole 45KW
Vacuum Brick Machine 50 1 Four-pole 160KW
Brick Setting Machine 1 Include strip cutter, brick slitter, transition bed,
brick separator, lifter, fixtures, pumping stations, and operating cabinet.
One Way Ferry Pusher 1
Ferry Pusher 80T 2
Rail Car 6