Soil Brick Making Machine

The use of advanced brick making machine available nowadays, reduce almost 50% of the labor work in any of the brick-making industry. Hence, there is no need to hire hundreds of employees for making a limited amount of bricks anymore as one singe Soil Brick Making Machine can produce 80000 to 100000 pieces of soil bricks in just one working day.

Regarding soil bricks making machine in India, Wangda has scored a considerable position as it always supplies the top brand Soil Brick Making Machine to the clients or reliable distributors. The machines are manufactured by using premium quality raw materials and the latest technologies which meet the industrial market norms.

We are basically established in China for more than 40 years ago (1972). We have launched our branch in Bangalore city of India where we basically export our Soil Brick Making Machine in bulk. We usually export our soil brick making machine in India as well as few more renowned countries including Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, and so on. Along with soil brick making machines, we manufacture and supply even clay brick machine, hollow brick machine, fly ash brick machine and around 20 more types of machines.

With all the basic features of offered soil bricks making machine in India, we even provide on-demand customization of machines according to the client’s requirement. With the approximation of 60 efficient specifications, the soil brick making machine is available for you at the utmost affordable price. So, visit us at whenever required.