Selection of Clay Brick Machine Factory Address

As a professional Clay Brick Machine Manufacturer, Wangda is a Supplier and exporter of Clay Brick Machine. The clay brick machine ZK70/60-4.0 is a vacuum brick making machine with port, hinge device and upper-stage hinge leaf lining made of chrome alloy. This clay brick machine has the features of wear-resistant, labor efficiency and big capacity with more than 10 million bricks.

The base of the clay brick machine is made of the high-quality international beam, which is thicker, bigger, longer and more stable than common steel material.

As a professional clay brick machine manufacturer, Wanda will help you know more about the selection of the address of the clay brick machine factory.

1, You’d better try to choose the nearest address from the waste residue resources, it can greatly reduce the transportation cost of raw materials.

2, It is convenient for the water and electricity, so you can easily feed and product sales.

3, You’d better try to choose the address far away from residential areas, to reduce noise pollution and avoid unnecessary disputes.

4, If there is an old factory building or the local production of a sintered brick factory, you can rent directly, so that we can reduce the investment cost.

Wangda Machinery always provides professional brick making solutions for our clients, and make brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. Our products have a good market both at home and abroad because of excellent quality and competitive price, and they are exported to Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iraq, Mongolia, Korea, and other countries and regions successfully. Our products are highly trusted and applauded by customers.