How to Adjust the Discharging-material Size of Roller Crusher?

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The roller crusher is fine crushing equipment and used to further clay crush and other raw materials that have been coarse or middle crushed. The final materials particle size ≤2mm. Both ends of the fine roller crusher are equipped with regulating pinched security block which is used to protect rolling circle and equipment. Today Wangda will explain how to adjust the discharging-material size of roller crusher.

The wedge-shaped or gasket control is installed between two roll wheels. There is adjusting bolt at the top of the control. The wedge makes the active roll wheel away from the fixable wheel, while the adjusting bolt is pulling up the wedge, this makes the gap in the two roll wheels and a discharging-materials size larger. When the wedge is pulled down, the active roll wheel under the action of hold-down spring makes the gap and discharging become smaller. The gasket control trough regulates the quantity or thickness of the gasket to adjust the size of discharging-materials.

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