Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers

Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers – Description

Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers

Wangda India Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers has come up with optimum hollow brick machinery which is strong enough to intrude the bricks into hollow. The offered hollow brick making machines are equipped with more than 60 major specifications and functionality. Such premium quality and efficiency have made it the number one Hollow Brick Machines in India as well as abroad.

The brick intruding capacity and efficiency of the machine offered by our Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers can beat any other equipment present in the market.
We avail our Hollow Brick Machines in utmost reasonable price. Apart from standard products, we also avail the customization of the hollow brick machine according to the client’s requirement.

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The equipment produced by our Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers are strong, durable, effective and user-friendly. Hence, you can easily manage these machines with very less number of workers that too with utmost comfort. Moreover, our hollow brick machines are designed with optimum elements and thus they last for longer duration that too with equal efficiency and speed.

Hollow bricks are made up of clay, shale and fly ash. Having eminent molding capacity, the hollow bricks manufactured by our machine come with light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation and noise reduction. Our Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers produced the machine with varied capacity such as 18,000-25,000 pieces of hollow bricks per hour, and so on.

We provide multiple sets of hollow brick making machines starting from the raw material handler to the finished hollow bricks loader. The major hollow brick machines enabled by our Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers include crusher, mixer, brick setting machine, brick slitter, kiln machine, destocking machine, and hollow brick extruder. These Hollow Brick Machines are exported in various foreign countries like China, Russia, Vietnam, Burma, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, North Korea, etc. including India.

Prominent Features of Hollow Brick Machine:

  • Best quality product in affordable sum
  • Produce tons of bricks in one shot
  • Very less maintenance cost is required
  • Utmost multi-usage machine

Key Applications of Hollow Brick Machine:

  • Mud Brick Manufacturer Company
  • Fly Ash Brick Building Company
  • Soil Brick Manufacturer Company, etc.

Areas Covered by Wangda – Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers:

Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Iraq

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