Function of Inner Fuel in Clay Brick Making

In the clay brick production, inner fuel like coal gangue is necessary raw material. Why need inner fuel? The fuel can be added to improve the drying performance of the brick. If there is no inner material in the clay material, the adobe bricks are prone to cracking, deformation affect the appearance and quality of the brick.

Inner fuel is a combustible barren material that means a lot for clay brick making.

The inner fuel is able to avoid adobe brick shrinkage and deformation. The internal fuel has a bigger particle size which can form a framework to stop raw material close to each other during the drying process. It can reduces the drying shrinkage of brick body, so that deformation, cracking is reduced compared with the production with pure clay material.

It reduces the brick drying sensitivity coefficients. With the incorporation of inner fuel, the water content in the clay material is drop, while the critical moisture is increased, which makes the drying shrinkage finished early, improving the drying rate and shorten the drying cycle.

Inner fuel can increase the brick porosity, improve the moisture conductivity, enhance internal capillary action, thereby speeding up the spin speed, shorten the drying cycle.

The inner diffusion enhanced, thereby reducing the craking caused by different moisture diffusion rate inside and outside the brick.