Common problems in the use of vacuum extruder

In the production process of the tunnel kiln, a variety of problems will be encountered, and the operation of the machine and the different material will have a certain effect on the product. In this article some answers for the use of vacuum sintering process of brick production extruder of the problem.


A, in production, will encounter the problem of choice is: vacuum extruder don’t eat material (mud does not go, “back mud”, the mud cylinder heat phenomena appear such situation should be based on the addressed from the following aspects:

1, vacuum brick machine mixing part cutter wear. The inner wall of the cylinder and the mud cutter gap is too large, or the spiral reamer vane angle: Therefore, in the changing of the cutter should keep the gap is 3 ~ 5mm, and should be made according to the design of cutter blade.

2, the cutter blade surface is too rough, the mud and leaves increase friction. Therefore in surfacing vacuum brick machine reamer don’t group surfacing, all at once for finished, should be gradual, batch replacement, to ensure the smooth brick, conditional can slightly polished smooth.

3, The cylinder liner wear a serious mud vacuum brick machine. Cutter blade and the mud cylinder between the gap is too large, resulting in too much mud in the mud cylinder rotary motion, mud cannot come out, also enter not to go: at this time should be to replace the new mud cylinder bushing, or on the inner surface of the bushing is installed on a plurality of parallel or oblique to the axial ribs, to replace those that have been worn away rifles groove to prevent invalid material mud rotary, increase the effective extrusion.

4, pressure trowel plate and the cutter gap too large pressure not mud: should adjust or repair welding, renew a knife plate, the cutter blade gap less than 10mm.

Two, secondly, in the production process will meet the situation of the mud bar movement should be adjusted. according to the situation of the clay bar. The common phenomenon of the bending of the clay bar is as follows:

1, the mud is due to one side-bending: machine mouth, core, mud cylinder, and screw auger centerline is not on.

2, mud appears s type bending: due to machine neck compression is not long enough, first section spiral reamer of the main lobe and side lobe apex not neat or first section of cutter accessory lobe of serious wear smaller, running only of the main blade and the semicircular before the launch of mud: at this time should be removed and replaced the first section of the cutter, welding accessory lobe. Overload (high load of the motor, clutch slipping, then avoid forced to start, so as not to damage the related spare parts, or even lead to squeeze mud cylinder, head and other large accident)

1, mud too dry: should first take out mud too dry, it is best to remove the machine mouth and nose, after starting the machine a net drain mud tank dry to install and run, and within the scope of the provisions of the appropriate increase of forming water.

2, a longer time to stop, the mud in the cylinder of the remaining material becomes dry and hard: it wills not only seriously overloaded, and sometimes cannot start. In order to prevent such a situation, when the shutdown in more than 8 hours, do not turn crash mouth water, for double stage vacuum extruder should also the mud cylinder in the mud appropriate water supply, to keep it moist, if stop in 2 days or more should as far as possible to open the empty mud after stop.

Three, vacuum extruder machine “swing head” this is a common problem of spiral extruder.

Because the cutter shaft is a root long cantilever shaft, poor stability, when the bearing pine rocking, bending axis, the first section of cutter accessory lobe is too small, aggravates the situation. If the mud cylinder did not install it, spiral reamer blades and mud wall around the gap is not as large, and the outer edge of the spiral reamer blade strict weight loss of around, resulting in spindle stress is not absorbed and swing head, should be promptly corrected, and often tighten the anchor bolts and connecting bolts to prevent the swing head wagging. Mud extrusion appears spiral lines due to mud by the spiral effect of the cutter, mud cylinder section mud forward speed is inconsistent, near the center of the mud material go faster, the edge of the mud run slow. Between the speed of mudflow formation interface, water and air are centralized in the surface of the void, the stratification phenomenon. It is mainly mud plastic, molding moisture, spindle speed is too high, and the mud cylinder wall appeared caused by mud phenomenon, reasons for return.

Treatment method:

1, the different nature of the raw materials should be fully mixed evenly, as far as possible, so as to make the water fully penetrate into the inside of the raw materials, reduce the water content of the original mud surface.

2, appropriate to reduce the formation of water to increase the friction between the mud layers.

Above is for vacuum extrusion machine operation process of the common problems and solutions summary, if you in the production process there other common problems, please timely contact with the Gongyi Wanda machinery factory technical personnel, we will in the first time for you to answer! Solve your production confusion!

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