Sintered Brick Machine

Introduction to Wangda Sintered Brick Machine:

Wangda sintered brick machine is an advanced two-stage vacuum extruding machine with different capacities and models. The sintered brick machine is employed to make sintered bricks from raw materials such as clay, shale, fly ash, lime sand, gangue, cinder, construction wastes, etc. After firing, the bricks extruded from this brick machine has the features of high strength, good sound insulation, excellent shock-resistant, etc.

The sintered brick machine is made of high-quality steel with features of reasonable structure, powerful extrusion, high vacuum degree, good durability, etc. They are applicable for the production of sintered bricks such as solid brick, load-bearing perforated brick, and high-rate hollow bricks with the materials.

Sintered Brick - Sintered Brick Machine

Models and Capacities

•  JZK50/45-3.0              10,000-14,000 m3/h
  JZK50/50-3.5              12,000-16,000 m3/h
  JZK55/55-4.0              16,000-20,000 m3/h
•  JZK70/60-4.0              18,000-22,000m3/h

Sintered Brick MachineSintered Brick Machine

Sintered Brick Machine

Our Service

1. Pre-Sale:

  • According to customer request, design and manufacture sintered brick machine and other brick production equipment
  • Engineers or technicians can be sent to the production sites for planning and designing of the flow field and the solutions

2. In-Sale:

  • We work on the details of the contract with the customers so that there is no uncertainty
  • Arrange production as per requirement
  • Foundation drawings and plant layout suggestion available
  • Full documentation including operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting manuals

3. After-Sale

  • Product advise and troubleshooting service
  • 24 hours online service
  • On-site operation guide and management training


Production Flow of Sintered Bricks

  1. Coarse crushing: use 400×600 jaw crusher and 800×1,000 hammer crusher for shale/ coal gangue crushing;
  2. Screening: screen the crushed material with 2m×4m roller screen;
  3. Put the screened material in the aging silo for storage and aging;
  4. Matching the materials in the 4m feeder;
  5. Fine crushing: use roller crusher for further grinding;
  6. Material mixing in the 4m mixer;
  7. Brick making: use brick machine JZK60/60-4.0 for brick extruding;
  8. Brick slitting/cutting
  9. Brick setting by the brick setting machine;
  10. Sintering in the brick tunnel kiln;
  11. Finished sintered bricks.



Why Us?

Based in China, Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturer, and our main products are brick making equipment and brick setting machine. Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years of experience in the field of brick machine production. Our brick machine has exported to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, etc.