Perforated Brick Machine

Perforated Brick Machine:

A perforated brick machine is a brick making machine extruding perforated bricks with many small holes in the bricks. Wangda Machinery provides brick machine of perforated with different capacities from 10,000-22,000pcs/h.

Features of Perforated Brick Machine:

Types of Wangda perforated brick machine: JZK70/60-4.0; JZK55/55-4.0; JZK50/50-3.5 and JZK50/45-3.0;
Raw material: Clay, shale, coal or fly ash, etc.
Holes in the bricks are small in size but large in number. Small Holes area ≥25% and holes diameter ≤22mm.

Types Of Perforated Brick:

Type-P (240mm×115mm×90mm)

Type-M (190mm×190mm×90mm)

Application Of Perforated Brick:

Mainly used for load-bearing.

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