Hollow Brick Machine

Hollow Brick Machine, Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers

Introduction to Hollow Brick:

The raw material of hollow brick can be clay, shale and fly ash. Being processed by molding and sintering, the finished hollow brick has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, good thermal insulation, and noise reduction. Although it needs less raw material, hollow bricks have very good usability in construction.

General Specifications of Hollow Bricks:

390×190×190mm. Hollow brick porosity generally is above 15%.

Wangda Hollow Brick Machine :

A hollow brick machine is actually a brick extruder with hollow brick molds. In Wangda, you can find the hollow brick making machine with different capacity(18,000-25,000 pcs/h or customized). We provide the full set of hollow brick making equipments from the raw material handling to the finished hollow bricks loading. The main hollow brick making equipment includes crusher, mixer, hollow brick extruder, brick setting machine, brick slitter, kiln equipment, and destacking machine.

.Hollow Brick Machine, Hollow Brick Machine Manufacturers