Gangue Brick Machine

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Gangue Brick Machine:

The gangue brick machine is the core equipment of the brick production line. Besides gangue, the raw material can be clay, shale, and industrial wastes. Gangue brick machine has 4 specifications, JZK70/60-4.0, JZK60/60-4.0, JZK55/55-4.0 and JZK50/45-4.0 with different capacities. And the operation of the gangue brick machine shall be carried out in strict accordance with the rules.

  1. After completion and acceptance, gangue brick vacuum machine is put into production use;
  2. Boot program;
    1. Start the mixer to an empty load operation state;
    2. Start feeding device to feed the mixer;
    3. When the raw material in the gangue brick machine meets the minimum extruding load, start the machine;
    4. Start the vacuum pump system
    5. Adjust the water amount and feed amount to make the vacuum extruder load operation state;
  3.  Monitoring; Keep stable feeding and uniform moisture content of raw materials;
    1. Stop the mixing feeding system;
    2. The basic mud stirred tank delivered to subordinates, stop the mixer;
    3. When clay strips are totally extruded out of the extruder mouth, stop gangue brick machine;
    4. Stop the vacuum pump system;
    5. Turn off the power.