Clay Brick Machine

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Introduction to Clay Brick Machine:

The clay brick machine ZK70/60-4.0 is a vacuum brick making machine with port, hinge device and upper-stage hinge leaf lining made of chrome alloy. This clay brick machine has the features of wear-resistant, labor efficiency and big capacity with more than 10 million bricks.
The base of the clay brick machine is made of the high-quality international beam, which is thicker, bigger, longer and more stable than common steel material.

Main Features of Clay Brick Machine:

 Big extrusion power and the clutch is a national famous brand pneumatic clutch made in Jiangsu, China;
 Steel airbags, stability, improving automation;
 Big base pressure, high productivity, good molding, low brick moisture (12-16%), short drying time;
 Good adaptability of raw materials such as coal gangue, shale, low plastic mud material, fly ash, construction muck, metallurgy, and chemical industry waste and other solid waste.
 Simple stir, low failure rate, with a dual-port head, easy to replace, less maintenance. You can always adjust the product.

Influence of Clay Material to the Reamer of Clay Brick Machine

(1) Particle size and shape
The greater the particle size, the greater the resistance during the extrusion of the clay vacuum brick machine. The smoother the mud particle is, the smaller the resistance is. So the extrusion of tough materials such as shale, gangue, and slag always generates big resistance. However, it is not to say the finer the mud is, the better the effect is. As we all know, the finer the mud material, the smaller the friction between them and it is more easily torn to layers by the speed difference. So the mud material shall be set at a reasonable particle size range.

(2) Water content
The higher the extrusion molding moisture, the softer the clay material, the better the mobility and the smaller the extrusion resistance is. Therefore, the requirements on the speed of hard material extrusion are low than that of soft material extrusion.

Technical Parameters

Type Production Capacity
Motor power
JZK70/60-4.0 18000-22000 16-18% 700-600 4.0 <-0.092 Upper: Y6-75
Lower: Y6-250
JZK60/60-4.0 16000-22000 16-18% 600 4.0 <-0.092 Upper: Y6-75
Lower: Y6-250