Brick Making Machine JZK50/45-3.0

Brick Making Machine JZK50/45-3.0

Application of Brick Machine JZK50/45-3.0:

The brick machine JZK50/45-3.0 is used to process raw materials like clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, mountain mud, silt, etc. into solid bricks and perforated bricks with strong mixing, vacuum processing, and powerful extrusion.


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Technical Features

Mixer shaft in above stage, the main shaft of trowel and the body of machine are enhanced by aging, quenching, and tempering;
Reducer gear has hard tooth surfaces;
Clutch adopts screw press technology, which improves the service life of our brick machines.
With reasonable design, compact structure, this brick machine can operate stably without having to install anchor bolt and greatly reduce the power consumption caused by vibration.
This brick machine is able to make the wastes profitable as well as saving energy with obvious economic and social benefits.

Technical Parameters