Brick Making Machine JZK55/55-4.0

Brick Making Machine

Description of Brick Making Machine JZK55/55-4.0:

Product Description:

The brick making machine JZK55/55-4.0 is a double-stage vacuum extrude designed and manufactured by Wangdaindia Machinery with domestic and international advanced technics and experience. It is mainly used in the raw material like coal gangue, coal ash, shale, clay and so on.
This brick making machine is an ideal equipment for the production of various hollow bricks, shale, coal gangue and coal ash bricks.

Features of Brick Making Machine JZK55/55-4.0:

Main frames are made of high-quality steel
 Low cost, reliable performance, rational structure,
 Durable, strong adaptability, easy to operate,
 Low energy consumption, high capacity,
 Long service life and easy to maintain, etc.


What Make Wangda Brick Machine Different?

The auger is made of high chromium and tempered by quenching with the service life is capable of 800-1000 million standard bricks production, which is 8-10 times longer than sprayed surfacing auger;
Whole cast and quenching of extrusion cylinder head and vacuum chamber, excellent toughness, not easily deformed, long service life;
Vacuum chamber is designed to funnel-shape, which is able to emputy the air more quickly than the square chamber;
The whole rack weld and plane processing in planer to make the product better concentricity;
The spindle is processed by quenching, tempering and pressure testing to enhance stiffness and toughness;
Bearings is made by Luoyang Bearing Group;