Strong Stirrer

Strong Stirrer

Description of Strong Stirrer:

The strong stirrer is a double shaft powerful mixer that used in brick production line. It has the function of sufficient stirring of raw material and water, mixing and homogenizing. There is a cutting shard device in the front of the strong mixer which can carry out mixing, homogenizing and stirring of various materials such as sand, fly ash, clay, etc, greatly improving the plasticity of raw material. So this strong stirrer is an important equipment in the production of sintered brick.

As a necessary brick making equipment in brick yard, the powful mixer is able to improve the quality of material and improving the quality of sintered bricks. This stirrer mixing blades adopts the double helix structure with the features of long mixing length, high yield and good quality. It is a dream product for the production of high-grade porous bricks and hollow bricks.


Wangda strong stirrer has the features of even mixing, good sealing effect, large output, no pollution, etc. It can be widely used in cement plants, vacuum brick machine production line, construction, chemical industry, medicine and other fields.

 Technical Parameters:

 Type: SJ4000
 Capacity(m2/h): 2000L
 Effective Mixing Length: 4000
 Speed rate of the mixer shalf: 60r/min
 Motor power: 55kw