Roller Crusher

Roller Crusher

Roller Crusher:

The Roller Crusher is fine crushing equipment and used to further clay crush and other raw materials that have been coarse. The final materials particle size ≤2mm. Both ends of the fine roller crusher are equipped with regulating pinched security block which is used to protect rolling circle and equipment

 Roller CrusherRoller Crusher

Technical Parameters

Type Dimension
Production Capacity
Motor Power
GS600×500 2400×1100×900 10-20 Y4-11kw Y4-15km 1.8
GS800×600 2800×1500×1400 15-30 Y4-15kw Y4-18.5kw 3.4
GS1000×800 3500×1600×1550 25-40 Y4-18.5kw Y4-22kw 5