Pneumatic Brick Setting Machine

Pneumatic Brick Setting Machine

Description of Pneumatic Brick Setting Machine:

The pneumatic brick setting machine is our latest full-automatic brick setting machine. Based on mechanical, pneumatic and electric control, Wangda full-automatic pneumatic brick setting machine adopts man-machine conversation operation mode with full automation from clamping to stacking. It is employed for the automatic stacking on kiln cars or drying cars and the stacking mode can be personalized design according to kiln cars’ specification.

Features of Pneumatic Brick Setting Machine:

Low box taking up less space with large capacity;
 PLC control of whole machine with automatic operation;
 Adapt to a variety of pile type and bottle type, easy to adjust;
 Multi safety protection, touch screen control available;
 Use high quality conveyor chain for segmented transmission, the output section can be extension;
 Drive motor, cylinder drive and control system all adopt imported famous brand components;
 Made of 304 material with generous appearance;

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