Auxiliary Equipment for Brick Production

Multi-Bucket Excavator

Auxiliary Equipment for Brick Production

Type Production Capacity
YDW-40-890 40
YDW-40-950 45
YDW-50-950 50
YSW-55-950 55

The hydraulic multi-bucket excavator is used to get material from the aging storage continuously. It is auxiliary equipment for automatic brick production. The high-intensity mechanical design and reasonable wear/hydraulic parts ensure the reliable and continuous operation of the brick production process.


Auxiliary Equipment for Brick Production

Type LT-4
Maximum Traction 4T
Traction Speed 5M/min
Cycloid Reducer Type BWED5.5-53-187

The winch is used as a traction equipment making brick car/ferry go in and out the tunnel kiln. It is composed of winch head, winch tail, ferry car and steel wire. And the head is composed of driving wheel, driven wheel, guide wheel and rotation machine.

Hydraulic Ferry Pusher

Auxiliary Equipment for Brick Production


Operating Speed
Maximum Pushing
Power (t)
Motor Power
0.03-0.08 50-80 7.5-11.5

The hydraulic ferry pusher is a brick making equipment mainly used for transmitting the brick drying car. It has features of synchronous motor, frequency conversion walking, power off and electric holding brake. It can achieve the functions of ferrying, pulling and pushing with each single pusher with reliable running and simple operation.

Bidirectional Ferry Pusher

The bidirectional ferry pusher is a the auxiliary brick making equipment used in tunnel-type drying room in sintering brick factory. It adopts bidirectional hydraulic cylinder pushing system with synchronous motor, frequency conversion working which are safe and reliable with the features of convenient push force adjustment, fast pushing speed, steady braking, convenient maintenance and high pushing efficiency.

Maximum Pushing
Power (t)
Pushing Speed
Oil Cylinder
Cylinder Diameter
Length (m)
Power (kw)
10 0.05-0.08 Ø80 2.1 4

Stationary Cylinder with Push Head

Auxiliary Equipment for Brick Production

Stationary cylinder is used for pushing the kiln cars into the tunnel kiln, which worked by push rod head, bracket and bracket wheel. It is durable with good design.

Hydraulic Stepper

This hydraulic stepper is used for drying or baking section in the brick making process. It is an brick making equipment for pushing the kiln cars into the drying chamber or tunnel kiln for drying or baking.

YDS16 YDS30 YDS50 YDS90 YDS120
Max Pushing Force (t) 16 30 50 90 120
Pushing Speed (m/s) 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04
Motor Power (kw) 4 5.5 705-11 15 15
Oil Cylinder Φ80/Φ121 Φ110/Φ137 Φ150/Φ180 Φ200/Φ245 Φ250/Φ295