Box-type Feeder in Brick Making Production Line

Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. We provide professional brick making solutions for our clients and make brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. The Brick Production Line can be clay brick production line or shale/gangue brick production with an annual output of 30-60 million bricks. We are the leading manufacturer of Box-type Feeder in Brick Making Production Line.

In the brick making production line, the box-type feeder is mainly used for equalizing and fixing the quantity of the raw materials. The box-type feeder can feed brick making material to the next brick making process evenly and quantitatively. It is applied to various bulk or block materials with controllable feeding speed and adjustable feeding quantity. It can control the feeding quantity of raw materials and proportionally mix the materials by adjusting the transport speed of the belt and lifting the height of the flashboard.

Box-type Feeder is composed of store holder, driving and transport devices, this box-type feeder is easy to operate and maintain. In the working process, this machine can store clay and supplying materials continuously.

With simple structure and small power consumption, Wangda box-type feeder is very popular at home and aboard. If you are interested in our brick making production line, please contact us freely. We believe in providing not only the quality machine but also to work closely with our customers from the beginning of their project to the end. For many years, Wangda has aimed to form a very helpful service team so that at any time anywhere our customers can benefit from it.