Tunnel Kiln

Tunnel kiln is basically used as a heat insulator during preparation of bricks in the brick making industry. However, Wangda India is a branch of Wangda group of tunnel kiln manufacturers in China who are also represented as the supplier, exporter and distributor of various types of brick making tunnel kiln.

The tunnel kiln in India offered by our company is manufactured in very short notice. Kiln wall, kiln crown, steel structure, refractory materials, high quality thermal insulation material and other key materials are assembled together by our tunnel kiln manufacturers and prepare the product just within 20 working days.

The offered product consists of good heat preservation performance, high thermal efficiency, and many more features. The use of steel refractory brick and thermal insulation of cotton with the high quality, our tunnel kiln restricts the wind leakage completely which in turn increases the required temperature, burning speed gets accelerated, as well as the fire production improves at least 10%.

The product manufactured by our tunnel kiln manufacturers in China facilitate the client with huge production of bricks and control the quality of product. Due to usage of standard structure, the thermometer hole, burning hole, observation hole, and the pipe hole position is utmost accurate which gives more benefit for the labourers to produce and control the machine.

The weight of tunnel kiln in India is based on steel frame imposed in it and the product eliminates exterior deformation which makes our tunnel kiln more durable. The standard module makes the tunnel kiln work even in seasonal climate, especially in cold place. Our tunnel kiln produced by best ever tunnel kiln manufacturers in China can dismount or migrate in case of the raw material drying or other similar circumstances.