Automatic Red Brick Machines- Your Best Choice

Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. As a member of China Bricks& Tiles Industrial Association, Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years of experience in the field of brick machine production. We are into manufacturing of customized Automatic Red Brick Machines; Automatic Red Brick Machines production lines.

A Wangda JKY series automatic red brick machine is the vacuum and hard plastic materials extruding & molding equipment. It is designed and manufactured by our factory according to the domestic and international advanced experience and based on the practical condition of the raw materials, it’s allowable pressure can reach 4.0Mpa, in domestic the moisture content of the green bricks production by our brick making machine is already 16%-18%, then through the drying line of the kiln, the moisture will lowest. After firing, the quality of the final bricks is very well. No matter how is the weather like in your place, it will be no problems.

This series automatic red brick machines are suitable for materials such as clay, soil, shale, coal gangue, slag, silt, mountain mud, and so on. Different materials fired different bricks, especially the color of the final bricks.

The materials (clay, mud, etc.) are conveyed into the upper mixing part by the belt conveyor continuously. During this process, materials can be stirring and mixing uniformly, and the humidity could be adjustable so that materials will be moving to the vacuum chamber. After the primary extrusion of the upper reamer, materials in the vacuum chamber could be cut into pieces, and down to the lower part, spiral reamer, at the same time, the vacuum system removes the air and the extrusion part article out of the molding bricks strips. The moisture content can reach 16%-18%.

Wangda Machinery always provides professional brick making solutions for our clients and makes brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. For many years, Wangda Machinery has aimed to form a very helpful service team so that at any time anywhere our customers can benefit from it.