Assemble Tunnel Kiln

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The characteristics of Assemble Tunnel Kiln

Besides the basic characteristics of the general tunnel kiln, the Assemble Tunnel Kiln has the following characteristics.

  1. Short period to build , tunnel kiln wall, tunnel kiln crown using the standardized production plant. steel structure + refractory materials +high quality thermal insulation material. All of these made from standard module in the factory, to the scene just like assembly machine to assemble. only need 20 days can completed.
  2. Heat preservation performance is good, high efficiency of thermal, use the steel refractory brick and thermal insulation of cotton with the high quality , do not have the phenomenon of wind leakage. make the temperature greatly improve, burning speed is accelerated, the producing of firing can improve at least 10%.
  3. Facilitate the production and control the quality. because of using the standard structure, making its thermometer hole, observation hole, burning hole, and the pipe hole of the position is very accurate, more benefit for the labors to produce and control the quality.
  4. The weight of the kiln all be borne by the steel frame, eliminates the based or exterior deformation which due to the tunnel kiln were damaged or cannot be used .
  5. Because of the standard module to the scene assembly, it is not limited by the seasonal climate, especially suitable for the cold place to construct.
  6. Can dismounting , migration ,in case of the raw material drying or other circumstances. it can dismount to move it to reset, and can sell off processing ,it still have the residual value of 70%.